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New Spring 2020 Appointed Officers

Every semester there are brothers that apply for positions to help serve the fraternity in many different forms. After much consideration, the Executive Board has appointed the following brothers to serve in the Spring 2020 semester!

Spring 2020 Officers

Continuing Membership Educator — Sarah Herbst

Wind Ensemble Liaison — Rachel Reaves

Wind Symphony Liaison — Callie Christiansen

University Band Liaison — Wyl Harrison

Jazz 1 Liaison — Jimmy Snyder

Jazz 2 Liaison — Austin Coker

Basketball Band — Jimmy Snyder

Music Head — Jasmine Avecilla, Callie Christiansen, & CJ Markow

KKY Band Director — Jimmy Snyder & CJ Markow

Social Committee Head — Jasmine Nixon

Ritual Committee Head — Austin Coker

Webmaster — Jasmine Avecilla

District Liaison — Edwin Hernandez

Joint “The Marching Owls Experience 2020” Committee Head — Wyl Harrison

Joint Conflict Resolution Committee Head — Floyd Fullard

Travel Head — Sarah Herbst

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